Web design is never one-size fits all. We deploy a custom approach to every project, no matter the industry, to deliver unique websites that have high quality, responsive designs; SEO-friendly architectures; secure and reliable code; and that are easy to maintain and grow.

Since 2000, OneCore Dev has built and launched 2,000 websites from e-commerce, B2B, B2B and non-profits. Our website development services leverage today's best digital technologies to help us deliver solutions that meet our customer's goals.

What's Involved

Information Gathering

We take the time to discover, research and determine a clear understanding of your future website's purposes, the goals you hope to achieve and the audience you want to reach. A website development questionnaire helps us develop an efficient site management strategy, which protects against having to invest extra resources to solve unexpected issues, such as design changes or adding to functionality.

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

Our developers create a sitemap using the data from the research phase to provide customers with a glimpse into what the finished product will look like. The sitemap describes the relationships between the main areas of your website to provide an understanding of how usable the final product will be.


This is where your website takes shape. The primary function of this stage is to represent the website's information structure, visualize the content and demonstrate basic functionality. Layouts contain colors, logos and images to provide a general understanding of the final product.

Content Writing and Assembly

The content writing stage can't be underestimated. At this stage, developers work with our on-staff copywriters to develop the essence of your message, such as catchy headlines, compelling website copy, and calls-to-action that drive conversions.


At this stage, our developers create the actual website based on inputs from the previous steps. All static elements are created and tested, then special features and interactivity are added, including CMS integration. SEO tools are used to optimize website elements, such as titles, descriptions and keywords to help your website achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Testing, Review and Launch

Our content management system allows you to easily control your own website revisions, content, and updates in a flexible manner. Unlike the mainstream CMS solutions that make your website extremely vulnerable, we guarantee 100% security.

Monitoring and Regular Updating

The web development process is never truly over. Our technical support extends to periodic performance and security tests, updates and add-on installations when required. We use A/B tests to identify upgrades that boost key metrics such as click-through rates and conversions to maximize value.

Benefits & Outcomes

OneCore Dev’s web development services deliver:

  • A stronger digital presence for your brand
  • An opportunity to drive revenues
  • More engaged audiences
  • A commitment to continuous improvement

We will decrease:

  • Usability frustrations
  • Development costs
  • Time to complete tasks
  • Time to complete tasks

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