Landing pages can make or break your marketing campaign. OneCore Dev ensures your landing pages define and deliver your value proposition, clean and uncluttered designs, high relevancy for your target audience and clear calls-to-action that help you convert users into customers.

Landing pages play an important role in funneling web visitors from a link within a source such as an email, social media post, digital advertising campaign, or pay-per-click ad to generate leads for your business. Making sure they’re completed in a way that aligns with your business goals is critical to driving revenue opportunities.

What's Involved

Competitor Analysis

Identify opportunities to differentiate from the competition and deliver a unique message to potential customers.

Value Proposition Development

Identify what sets you apart and what your business offers to potential customers.

Current Design Analysis

Analyze existing campaign materials to identify opportunities for improvement.

Set up of KPIs and Testing Metrics

Are your landing pages receiving high traffic but few conversions? If so, something needs to change. We determine how we can improve conversion rates by revising call-to-actions, page content, or adding reviews/testimonials.

Identify short- and long-term goals

What do you want your landing pages to accomplish? Landing pages are meant to convert traffic into customers. We deploy tools that make sure this happens.

Design Launch

Designs are developed based on opportunities identified in the design analysis and KPI development to ensure your message is delivered clearly and effectively.

Gathering Statistically-Relevant Testing Data

Post-launch analysis to identify areas of improvements, what’s working and what should be used in future deployments, and whether or not your target audience is being reached.

Benefits & Outcomes

OneCore Dev makes sure our landing pages:

  • Directly support your business goals
  • Turn user conversions into customers
  • Improve paid search campaigns

We work hard to eliminate:

  • Low clickthrough rates
  • High bounce rates
  • Poor funnel conversion rates

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