As businesses grow, they need to integrate their websites with additional platforms like their product database, accounting software, Salesforce software and more. OneCore Dev provides everything from integration consulting to a complete, turnkey approach including execution.

Having a strategy that defines your company’s future is essential to its survival. That’s why OneCore Dev’s software development services includes CRM systems that provide you with a clear overview of your company’s relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers and helps you improve your profitability.

What's Involved

Define Purpose, Goals and Direction

This is an essential task in the development of a web application because it establishes a clear direction and focuses on setting and achieving a project’s goals. OneCore Dev produces a roadmap document that specifies the application’s future plan and objectives, with approximate timelines.

Researching and Defining Audience Scope

OneCore Dev researches audiences/users and prospective clients, then creates an analytics report that includes the type of audience, levels of access (Intranet, Internet, Extranet), security levels, and quantitative statistics on audience.

Creating Functional Specifications

A Web Application Functionality Specifications Document lists the functionalities and technical specifications that the application will accomplish.This step helps to prevent confusion or misunderstanding of the project features and functionalities.

Technology Selection

OneCore Dev outlines the technology and platform selection, development environment, web application development structure and framework. A technical specifications document details the technologies used, licenses requires, application versions and forecasts.

Design Layout, Interface Design, Wireframing

We create a visual guide of the user interface to outline how users will interact with the application.


The application's Design Interface is turned over to OneCore’s development team to create the web application architecture and framework, design the database structure, customize the application module, libraries and classes, and complete development and implementation of all application functionalities.

Beta Testing and Bug Fixing

We perform ongoing quality assurance testing to make sure our web applications are secure and reliable. Testing also ensures any program bugs are addressed and fixed.

Benefits & Outcomes

OneCore Dev’s software development services deliver:

  • High quality web application
  • Seamless integration with third-party products (i.e.: SalesForce)
  • Opportunities to drive revenues through e-commerce platforms

We will decrease:

  • Clumsy navigation and functionality
  • Abandonment/bounce rate issues
  • Development costs

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