Producing websites that look great is only half the battle in web design. UI design produces a product’s visual/graphic presentation, its reactivity and interactivity, and a product’s guides and directives to visually lead users through their online experience. OneCore Dev’s UI Designers ensure your website visually communicates the path laid out by our UX team to deliver end-users with a cohesive navigation guide and the best possible online experience.

What's Involved

Developing a Project Concept

We start the UI process by investigating your existing domain, user audience and product use cases to gather a stronger understanding of your target audience to build a user interface focused on its needs.

Layout Design

A layout design outlines the website’s page to meet requirements related to navigation, functional, graphic and text elements of the screen forms of the site’s pages.

Navigation and Structure

We design scenarios that outline interactions between user and product to ensure they align with business goals. This step relies on information architecture development and navigation interface design to deliver optimal functionality, content and user interaction scenarios.

Visual Interface Design

We design the creative visual elements of the interface to meet the standards outlined in corporate identity and audience research. This includes style, colors, fonts, graphic solutions, association icons and graphic symbols of the compositional design.

Prototype Preparation

Once the interface design has been finalized, OneCore Dev creates an interactive model of the website that reflects the features of the final product and launch a full-scale investigation into its usability.

User Testing

We define a research hypothesis related to user scenarios, recruit a group of respondents for site testing and develop a report based on their feedback to eliminate weak points and problem zones in the prototype.

UI Specification

We finalize a User Interface Specification document that outlines the structural, compositional and visual design of the website, taking into account recommendations uncovered in the usability testing phase.

Benefits & Outcomes

OneCore Dev’s UI services help you:

  • Maximize revenue opportunities and user experience
  • Actively increase sales
  • Attract a more engaged audience

We will decrease:

  • Usability frustrations
  • Development costs
  • Time to complete tasks

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