UX Design focuses on the quality of interactions between customers and the products they use in a digital environment. It brings together all aspects of an end-user’s interaction with your company, and should deliver the best possible screen-based experiences that are intuitive and straightforward for end users. That’s why OneCore Dev follows a strict process as we strategize, organize and prototype to optimize designs until we uncover a perfect balance between practicality and ease of use to deliver the best possible user experiences.

What's Involved

Market Research

Creating great user experiences requires a focus on understanding the end user. We conduct research to help our developers get into your customers’ mindsets. This is necessary to analyze and understand information about particular marketplaces and help developers create “personas” of real end users.

User Persona Creation

We develop user personas to identify their behaviors, motivations, pain points, needs and goals. This step ensures our designers keep the customer’s mindset at the forefront of website design and usability. User personas are based on field research and real people, telling a story and describing why people behave the way they do in a digital environment. Our designers use this information to develop web properties that understand, relate to, and remember the end-user throughout the entire product development process.


We create a list of questions relevant to your product or service and interview potential users to gather insights based on their answers. This feedback is incredibly important because it provides us with a direction in building and designing the product with the end user’s need at the forefront of the creative process.

Content Creation

Content is a defining part of the user experience. By improving content, such as product or service descriptions, value propositions and calls to action, we’re able to strengthen the strategic value of your website and provide a better customer experience, improve website navigation, and strengthen trust in your company.

Experience Map

An experience map is a strategic tool that helps us capture and present key insights into the complex interactions customers have with your product. This activity develops knowledge and unity across your organization to build seamless customer experiences.

Wireframing & Prototyping

We develop a visual guide of your website to define the hierarchy of its design. Prototyping includes experimenting with designs, repairing inconsistencies and errors, developing data and ensuring the products are functional. Our prototypes are interactive and aim to provide you with a guide that mimics how the finished product will look on-screen.

Benefits & Outcomes

By creating UX, OneCore Dev increases:

  • Success Rate: number of tasks users complete correctly
  • Sales and conversion rates
  • Credibility and trust in the brand
  • Brand visibility
  • User satisfaction

We will decrease:

  • Error rates: frustrating issues within the user interface
  • Abandonment/bounce rates
  • Time to complete tasks: calculated amount of time required for any particular task
  • Clicks to completion: most people give up after three clicks to perform one task
  • Costly redesigns

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